Creative Color Trends to Refresh Your Space

Creative Color Trends to Refresh Your Space

May 9th, 2023

As we settle into 2023, homeowners are looking for simple ways to update their homes while reflecting the latest trends. One of the most impactful ways to change the atmosphere of your home is to give your space a fresh coat of paint. But this year, not just any color paint will do. Instead, 2023 is on track to be the year of vibrancy—with bold tones and warmer colors. Annually, the most renowned paint brands appoint color experts who meticulously select their Color of the Year and issue their coveted Color Forecast. Benjamin Moore set the tone for this year’s palette when they announced Raspberry Blush as their Color of the Year for 2023. Bold is in, along with earth-inspired tones and earthy pinks—now is the perfect time to be adventurous with your palette choices!

Bold Tones

There has been a growing trend toward people stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing bold and vibrant colors. One reason for this shift towards vibrant colors may be the desire to break free from the monotony and dullness of everyday life. After a prolonged period of being stuck indoors due to the pandemic, people are eager to inject some excitement and energy back into their lives—and are choosing to style their homes to reflect the feeling.  

Raspberry Blush paint color.

Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush photo by Mueble Raspberry Blush is a lively coral color with a pink tint that exudes electric optimism and enlivens the senses. Its unapologetic boldness makes it a charismatic color that adds drama to any room. Raspberry Blush walls and wainscoting in a living room create a lively atmosphere. This paint provides a pop of color in a powder room or ensuite. Where it’s used, joy and positivity will follow.  

Pantone Viva Magenta paint color.

Pantone Viva Magenta photo from Pantone has announced Viva Magenta as its color of the year for 2023. This bold and vibrant color is rooted in nature and intended to bring energy and vitality to any space it inhabits. It's a versatile choice for designers, decorators, and homeowners, as it can be paired with various complementary colors to create a harmonious color palette. Viva Magenta is an excellent choice for adding color to a space without overwhelming it. The color is particularly suitable for the kitchen or cabinetry, creating a bold statement that sets the tone for the entire room.   

Canyon Ridge paint color.

BHAG Canyon Ridge photo by Carson Downing. Canyon Ridge, a color offered by Better Homes and Gardens, is a muted, warm shade of orange that harmonizes well with brighter surroundings. It is an ideal choice for accent walls or as a standout color for furniture pieces, such as a kitchen island, which can instantly become a focal point in any room. The welcoming and lively quality of Canyon Ridge makes it a versatile color that can bring vitality to any space in your home.  

Digital Lavender paint color.

Digital Lavender photo by Getty Images. Purples are popping up everywhere, proving to be a popular choice for people who don’t shy away from boldness. Digital Lavender has become a significant color representing wellness, peace, and escapism and is the perfect accent color for bathroom cabinets or ceilings. Pale purples create soothing and relaxing environments and add an unexpected touch of luxury and sophistication to any space.  

Earth-Inspired Tones

The trend towards earth-inspired colors reflects a more significant cultural shift towards sustainability and a desire to connect with the natural world. Shades influenced by nature evoke a grounded and inviting experience. By incorporating these colors, homeowners can create a space that feels peaceful, harmonious, and in tune with the world around them.  

Dark Oak paint.

Dark Oak photo from Dark browns are expected to thrive this year. Colors like Dark Oak, a timeless inky shade, can make any room moody and rich. This particular shade is inspired by autumn and perfectly complements other warm tones and neutrals. This color is especially well-suited for rooms where you want to create a cozy and inviting feel, such as a living room, den, or bedroom. Consider using it as an accent color. This could be through a statement wall, furniture, or accessories like throw pillows or curtains. Alternatively, you could opt for a full-on Dark Oak look, using the color for your walls, flooring, or even cabinetry.

Krylon Spanish Moss paint color.

Krylon Spanish Moss photo by Krylon. Krylon’s color of the year, Spanish Moss, is the perfect hue to bring a touch of nature into any living space. It’s a deep, rich green reminiscent of forests and mossy terrain. With this color, you can create a sophisticated yet comfortable look in your living room or add a subtle pop of color to your kitchen cabinets. Spanish Moss is sure to bring an inviting natural beauty to your home. Dunn-Edwards has selected Terra Rosa as its 2023 Color of the Year, drawing influence from contemporary fashion, lifestyle, and culture. This blushing cinnamon shade offers a refreshing departure from traditional browns and burgundies, exuding a sense of positivity, joyfulness, confidence, creativity, and coziness. Terra Rosa is versatile enough to be used in various parts of your home, from entire walls to accent colors, and even on your property's exterior as a beautiful color for your front door.  

Sherwin Williams Redened Point paint color.

Sherwin Williams Redened Point photo by Sherwin Williams[/caption] Sherwin-Williams' 2023 Color of the Year, Redend Point, perfectly balances classic neutrals and bolder trending hues. This rose-beige paint offers something for everyone regardless of design aesthetic preference. As Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, said, "Redend Point was inspired by the idea of finding beauty beyond ourselves. It is a heartening hue that invites compassion and connection into any space." With its warmth and joy, this neutral shade can be used for interiors just as easily as exteriors to bring peace, harmony, and beauty to any home. In 2023, color trends encourage embracing bold and creative choices, with a focus on the hue and saturation of each color. This year presents a range of exciting possibilities, from shades of purple to pops of deep green. Incorporating paint into your space can enhance the atmosphere and add life to any room. With the help of our interior designer, you can find your perfect color and expertly place it to achieve a dramatic effect. So, whether you're looking to create a cozy vibe or make a bold statement, exploring the latest color trends is a great way to elevate your space in 2023. Take the trends outdoors! Download our exclusive guidebook showcasing how you can extend luxury to your outdoor living space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t be afraid of bold choices to enhance your home
  • Choose vibrant paint for energizing effects
  • Rich earth-inspired tones create a welcoming, warm environment
  • Contact us for expert interior design