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We are fully operational and dedicated to following official safety guidelines during COVID-19
Issaquah, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Renton, Maple Valley, North Bend, Snoqualmie, and Seattle
You probably don’t think much about your bathroom sink. But this fixture can have a large impact on the overall appearance of your bathroom. Bathroom sinks vary widely, and each type can offer lots of different styles and themes to your space.

Read on to learn about five sink styles we love.

1. Tabletop Bathroom Sinks

A tabletop sink is a style with a washbowl that sits fully on top of the vanity. These sinks are both ornamental and functional.

Tabletop sinks are often used as a decorative addition to a contemporary bathroom. The basin is traditionally rectangular in shape, but you can also find round tabletop sinks and a variety of other eye-catching styles.

2. Drop-in Bathroom Sinks

bathroom sink

A drop-in sink is a classic sink style that can work in nearly any bathroom. The sink ledge sits above the vanity, but the basin cuts into the counter to provide extra working space.

Drop-in basins are traditional, comfortable, and fit well on a moderately large countertop. The self-rimming design is simple enough to work in a minimalist bathroom while still feeling decorative.

3. Wall-Mounted Bathroom Sinks

wall-mounted bathroom sinks

A wall-mounted sink is just what it sounds like: a sturdy basin that hangs off your wall. This sink style often comes with exposed plumbing, which adds an industrial character to your bathroom.

Wall-mounted sinks work particularly well in small bathrooms or minimalist homes. However, this style makes it all the more important to choose a quality basin and hardware. The open space surrounding your handwashing station will serve to emphasize your unique sink.

4. Pedestal Sinks

pedestal sinks

A pedestal sink is a classic design with a basin that stands on its own and covers up the plumbing. The basin extends down over the pipes to the floor or mounts low on the wall.

Pedestals work well if you don’t need any extra storage space below your sink and don’t want the industrial look of exposed plumbing. There are a variety of styles ranging from simple and modern to elaborately decorative.

5. Undermount Sink

undermount sink

An undermount sink is a basin that is installed underneath a countertop. With no raised edge, it does not obstruct movement in the surrounding area, making it the ultimate easy-use sink.

Undermount sinks are nondescript, clean, and comfortable. If you wish to emphasize another part of your bathroom, such as a standalone tub or a stunning wall tile, you may want to use an undermount style.

Pro Tip: Use Luxury Materials to Upgrade Your Bathroom Sink

Luxury materials can dramatically upgrade your sink. Vitreous china is a classic, durable choice, but you may also want to consider alternatives like tempered glass, natural stone, or teak, especially for a tabletop sink.

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